Monday, 25 June 2012

Fashion inspiration

Here are some of my latest fashion related video discoveries
I hope you will like them as much as i do ^^

1. Lady Dior As Seen By - Garance Doré

2. PRADA presents "A THERAPY"

3. Alexander Wang x Alice Dellal x Dan Martensen

4.My Shoe Collection!

New arrivals

Here are some of my recent purchases:

1.I've got this jumper for just £2 from a charity shop and it was absolutely new with a tags. The brand is called "The Orphan's Arms" that i never heard about before, but when i checked their website their have a pretty decent clothes, such a shame that they are too pricey -

2. Another nice jumper in 60's style, i will probably wear this jumper with black skirt and black skinny jeans with my hair up in a bow.

Small, black John Lewis bag which will be my 2nd small bag, because i'm so used to a massive bags, because i could put everything on earth in them, but there are some situations in what carrying a big bag could become a problem (like go out and dance with your huge "forever alone style" or accidently hit somebody, who is sitting in a busy bus with it while you're trying to get out- been there-done that).

And the last but not least, my old bag which i decided to renew a  bit and make it look crazy and immature just like its owner.

Sometimes things could come for free

Soo as i'm a student at the moment it means that i'm kind of on my first stage of becoming an independent adult (boo), so i have to earn my own money which leaves me in a constant "broke gal" state, but to be honest there is a bright side of it. I become like an expert in saving money. Sales, charity shops, reduced shelfs, special offers, name it- i've done it. And my recent descovery is a Freebie websites where you literally  can get all sort of stuff for free, from skincare samples to books and food, it's all just comes to your hands for nothing! Everytime when a postman dropes these goodies in my letter box i feel like it's Christmas time and i'm a little girl running down the stars to get my presents, hhaha. And just to prove how awesome that is here is a photo of my recent freebies:

From the top left corner we have full sized facial wipes, a necklace, InStyle magazine, Smashbox foundation sample, Garnier body lotion, "The Tools" book (which apparently could help me to change my life, aha will see will see), chewing gum to help you loose weight (i'm not really into that sort of stuff, but if its free whyt not to give it a go?), protein shake, some perfume samples and face cream samples for 14 days.
I think now i can make a competition to a coupon queens!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Girl model

This is a documentary movie about a small town girl, whose dream is to become a successful model. The contrast between the "glamorous" and the real world is very strong. For the girl's parents modelling is the last hope to get some money in the family. This movie shows the real side of modelling, real tears, real pain, and the first steps towards a grown-up life.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Exhibition evening

I have officially finished my 2nd year of university guys! After the crazy night  of celebration, some of my housemates had moved out, so now it is only two of us in the house. At first we were very excited- the thought of that all house is ours made us really happy, because it means that we are not going to fight for the bathroom anymore and i can finally wear my old sweatpants and huge jumper- the outfit that just can't be worn in public haha 
But after couple of weeks the quietness got to us so me, my housemate and her friends decided to go to our University's annual Art exhibition where all the students who study design, fashion, photography and any other art related degree were showing their final work to everyone. 
It was my second time when I've been there, last year we went to see our Spanish friends' work and i really enjoyed that. I wasn't disappointed this time either! I love the atmosphere of the Art campus, people look very stylish, friendly and busy running up and down the "Fashion corridor", looking at them makes me so inspired and  creative. So anyway back to the exhibition i really liked the graphic design and illustration floor, i took a lots and lots of pictures so brace yourself people and i hope you will like them xxx