Sunday, 27 March 2011

she's wolf

I was feeling quite wild today, wearing my favourite wolf t-shirt, but my new boots decided that i'm not going to enjoy this day, and after two hours of walking my feet was killing me, so i was more like a tired bunny rather then a wild wolf , but at least i managed to took some photos

Jacket: H&M; T-Shirt: Cubus, Boots (which i'm not going to wear for a long time): Unknown brand. 

Tour to the leather technology centre

I think a lot of people (and i was one of them before) looks at the leather bags and shoes as a stylish accessories and don't even think about behind scene
Do you know what it takes to get it done and make look "pretty and shiny" ?
Behind the fashionable bag stands unfashionable and dirty process of making animal skin look the way we used to see it : colourful, soft and nice.
Leather get stretched, washed and colourised. Also, it takes a lot of time to  and to put a different textures and prints on it and make it softer by putting the leather under special machine.
I haven't seen any woman in that factory, men doing not only all the dirty work, but also a creative bit as well, which is quite funny to watch, how do they choose between pink and red colour. I thought it was a great experience to see how all the good-quality clothes and accessories are made, even if i still can't forget that horrible smell inside the factory.


spring is here!